How To Monitor your Facebook page and your Competitors…

Monitoring your Facebook page’s progress is extremely Important



When you are logged into Facebook click on your Facebook Business page.   At the top of the page click on ‘Insights’ next to Notifications.  This shows the more advanced stats of your page from every status you have posted, how many people have seen that post and who has engaged with each post.  I would always recommend monitoring your page from here because even though your weekly stats down the right hand side are useful, you are missing out on seeing exactly what posts are working and more importantly which ones are not!


In the Insights section you can also see ‘Page views’ this section shows how many people have looked at your page, when they looked and where they went within your page.  You can also see your ‘Video Views’ in this section.  If you are not posting video at the moment then you should be!  People love video and it has a much higher response rate! – If you need any help with video please get in touch.


Possibly the best thing about the Insight Section of your Facebook business page is ‘Adding Pages to Watch’.  This is where you can monitor how your competitors are doing!  Click on overview and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Facebook will find some similar business pages in your area – some of which you might recognise!


Just click on ‘Watch page’ next to the page you would like to compare the performance of your Page and posts with.  Alternatively you can click on ‘Add pages’ and find your competitors that you know are on Facebook.


Facebook Insights is a nice little tool to monitor your page’s progress and the progress of your competitors.  If you need any help with your Social Media please Get In Touch

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