What does Facebook know about me?

Most of us have that thought every now again, what exactly does Facebook know about me?


You may be intrigued or you may be slightly concerned as to why you often see Facebook Ads about your favourite car or your favourite holiday destination-well this blog post will show you where to go to find out what Facebook knows about you.


As advertisers on Facebook, we target people based on specific interests, places you have visited, hobbies you have, websites you’ve visited and more. This means that we as advertisers can target Ads at the ‘right’ people and individuals then receive Ads that will hopefully be relevant to them. If Facebook didn’t use this information then you would see adverts that were probably completely irrelevant.


On your desktop, head to Facebook, click the drop down arrow in the top right and click on Settings. On the left hand side click on Ads.


In the interest and information section you will be able to see everything Facebook knows about you. You can also remove anything here that’s incorrect. You can amend your Ad settings here as well.


Facebook Ads are a great way for Businesses to reach out to existing and potential customers and Facebook Ads are displayed at individuals not to surprise you but to show you relevant Ads that you might be interested in.


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