What are Twitter Lists? And how do I best use them?

This blog post will explain what Twitter lists are, how they work and some good ways of using them to benefit your Twitter activity.


When you open up Twitter on your PC or smartphone the homepage is never ending! The chances are that you are probably following more than 100 people and 100 active Twitter users have a lot to say! Your homepage is therefore full and updating constantly with content from all the people you follow. Heck, from just when I started to type this article I have missed 32 tweets!


Twitter lists help you to organise your followers better. You can use Twitter lists to put all of your followers into certain ‘categories’ that you choose. This way you only see tweets from people you want to. You might choose to create a list of your customers, your suppliers and another one for your influencers. You will then get the option to make the list public or private – you don’t want all your followers to be looking at all of your customers and suppliers!


How do I create a Twitter List?
Head to www.twitter.com and go to your profile. From your profile click on Lists, click on Create New list; give your list a name and description. You will then get the option to make your list public or private. If your list is public anyone can subscribe and if it’s private it’s only accessible to you.


How to add people to a list?
When you are on a profile, click on the overflow icon or 3 dots and click on ‘add’ or ‘remove from lists’. You can also remove people from your lists here.


When you have added your followers to your groups you can then head to your lists to keep track of tweets much easier!


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