I Haven’t got a Marketing Department but Still Need Help with my Marketing-What Can I Do?

If you don’t have a Marketing Department but need some assistance on the Marketing side this blog post will help you.

Most business owners would love to have their own Marketing department or to be able to outsource their Marketing but, let’s be honest, in a lot of businesses that just isn’t possible!


You might be looking for help to develop a Marketing Plan or perhaps with Google Adwords or would like to get your website to the top of Google! Maybe you know your competitors are generating sales from social media but you don’t know where to begin!


We recognise that many SMEs cannot afford to have access to full-time marketing staff, but still need help like anyone else-That’s what prompted us to develop our Marketing Advice Centre.


The Marketing Advice Centre is like having your own marketing department that you can contact whenever you have any strategic or digital marketing questions. What’s even better is that we have made the Marketing Advice Centre affordable. The cost is £247+vat a month and once signed up you are able to contact our Marketing professionals as and when you need us by phone, email or video messaging.


Here are some typical questions we get asked:
Why am I getting hardly any sales from my website?
What type of social media content should I be posting?
How do I generate enquires from LinkedIn?
How do I sell my products on Amazon and eBay?
What is a Marketing Plan and how do I develop one?



To learn more and join today please visit our Marketing Advice Centre page.


Sometimes also, it’s just good to have someone to talk to for a bit of reassurance!

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